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Binary Betting


Binary betting is a form of financial betting which expresses the price of a bet in a range of 0 to 100 where the bet is settled at 100 if it occurs and 0 if it does not. The greater the likelihood of an event occurring the nearer is the price top 100. Conversely the greater the probability of an event not taking place the nearer is the quote to 0.

Buying or Selling

A price can be bought or sold which means bettors can win on an event occurring and not occurring. A bettor who believes something will happen will buy and a counter bettor will sell. Typical events that can be bet on are the FTSE at the end of the day and the price of commodities at a certain time. Staking on currencies also lends itself to binary betting.

Types of Binary Bet

The most basic form of binary betting is Up/Down. A bettor places bets based on a belief that an asset or market will close above or below a spot or existing price. Similar binary bets which work on the same principle are known as Rise/Fall, Higher/Lower, Touch/No-Touch and In/Out.

Settling of Bets

Binary bets are settled based on the difference between the close price and opening price and the unit stake.  Floating binaries are the most common form of binary bet. The binary price moves but the strike price at which a market must reach for the event to occur remains fixed. This type of binary bet can be closed out before expiry to guarantee a profit or minimise a loss. Bets can be closed partially or in their entirety.


Binary betting is most popular in the financial and assets markets but can also be applied to sport. In a football match there will be three binary spreads, for home win, draw and way win. The number of runs a cricketer scores in an innings is popular sports binary bet. Bettors are given a spread based on the likelihood of a player scoring a specified number of runs.  There are continuous two way prices which change as a match develops.

Binary Betting on Sport

In football when a goal is scored the price will move significantly which allows bettors to trade out to maximise a position or limit losses when the market goes against the opening bet. A wicket in a cricket match will cause a shift in the binary spread for the outcome of a match. In tennis a break of serve will see the market move in favour of the player that has achieved the break.

Binary Betting Affiliates

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You can close trades before expiry to guarantee a profit or minimise a loss. There are no hidden fees or commissions. Binary.com patented pricing technology allows everyone to benefit from the same rates of return as traders in the interbank market.  This company offers flexible trades that can be made simply and securely.


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