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Guide to Sports Betting


Ian Hudson has written a book called Guide to Sports Betting. This book can be ordered through Amazon for £1.99 which is excellent value for a publication of this nature.

Ian’s book covers the main trends in sports betting over the last 20 years and future developments in the industry. The book does not provide betting tips but guidelines and background information that can be used in the battle to beat the bookies.

This in depth guide refers to the different types of bookmakers and the sports and markets for which odds are available. There is special mention for exchange and spread betting but reference to the more traditional methods of placing a bet.

The most popular betting sports are featured with mentions for the key markets for these sports. Horse racing, soccer, tennis, cricket and golf are covered in some detail and reference also made to less mainstream sports

There are chapters in the book dedicated to money management, discipline and financial control. Pitfalls are also highlighted and the best strategies for making a profit from betting on sport.

One of the most interesting chapters focuses on stories from Ian Hudson’s betting background, some good, some bad but all entertaining. Finally there is a section on the future of sports betting, concluding with the statement that this activity will continue to grow.

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